Divination Tools

For centuries, mankind has used divination as a magickal tool. Almost every culture around the world has at least one form of divination. But what is divination?

For many people, when they hear the word “divination”, they think of a “fortune teller” or “foretelling the future”. Although divination is often used for this purpose, it is certainly not limited to that. In fact, divination is simply a tool that enables one to have a conversation with their deity. It is a tool for one to commune with the Divine and seek guidance in life – whether for mundane or magickal purposes.

Divination is a tool which can be used to help identify or acknowledge thoughts, fears, and emotions. It can be used to reflect upon the crossroads before you, and allow you to consider possible outcomes from the available paths. It can be used to review incidents of the past in order to recognize more productive options for ways to proceed in similar situations in the future.

Because we all have free will, divination does not actually tell us exactly what the future holds. As our choices and actions change, so too does the outcome or reaction. Our life, and in fact our entire existence, is shaped by our thoughts. Therefore, there really is no way to truly foretell the exact future to come. As our thoughts change, so too does our reality and therefore our future. So, the use of divination as a spiritual tool gives us a glimpse into circumstances and/or points of focus within our life, so we can better commune with our deity(ies), and decide how how to shape our lives and futures in a manner true to ourselves and our spirituality.

With this in mind, it is easy to understand that there is not a “right” or “wrong” method for divination. Just as the amount of words available for your prayers are limited only by your imagination, so too are the divination tools available. As I mentioned, just about every culture has some form of divination. Many of these forms or methods are rarely or no longer used. However, there are several that are still in practice today. Some of the most common divination tools around today are listed below.

As with any tool for spiritual growth, it is a great idea to keep a journal of any divination “readings” you perform. This gives you something to which you can refer if any questions come up later, or to notice any patterns, etc. Just as with any form of communication, it also a good idea to study. Whichever divination tool(s) you choose, the more you learn about it, the more effectively you will be able to communicate with the Divine using it. Finally, it is highly recommended that you practice regularly. Like speaking your native language on a daily basis, practicing your preferred form(s) of divination keeps it fresh, alive, and fluent. It also helps to deepen your relationship with the Divine.

Some of the most common divination tools available are:

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