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In our busy day-to-day lives, we often find it difficult to live the spiritual, magickal lifestyle that we may envision in our mind’s eye. In a perfect world, we would have all of the time needed to attend to our spiritual needs. So what are we to do? By creating a home filled with magick, love, light, and laughter, we are truly living a magickal lifestyle that allows us to practice our spiritual craft regardless of how hectic our days may become. Quartz Crystal Points are a great place to start! They’re powerful, energetic magickal tools, and they lend a beauty to our homes that any one will appreciate.

Throughout the ages, Quartz Crystal Points have been valued for their versatile energies as well as for their beauty. Just by placing them throughout our home, we are balancing the energies within, bringing the house into a state of harmony, and removing stagnate energies that may have collected there. With this simple action, we are taking a conscious step in changing our environment, creating a space that is positive and uplifting so that we are able to live in a more productive harmonious way.

We’ve all been in this situation – we’re sitting at our desk, trying to engage in a project or task set before us – writing a report, or paying the monthly bills, making important phone calls, or studying for an upcoming test. As we sit there, we drum our fingers on the desk, we gaze out of a nearby window, or we sit doodling on the blank paper in front of us, getting no closer to completing the task before us. Quartz Crystal Points are a great remedy for this! Place one on the desk to get those intellectual energies flowing. Crystal points have long been celebrated for their ability to amplify our intellect as well as our communication skills. Just the nearby presence of the Crystal will often be enough to stimulate our minds, allowing us to focus on the tasks before us so that we can complete them promptly – freeing us up to move on to other activities. We often associate our desk or workspace with unpleasant or boring chores. With this association, we attach negativity to the area, making it an unpleasant place to work. Having a Quartz Crystal Points on our desk or work space balances that energy, clearing the space of negativity that may block us or slow us down.

Are you an artist or aspiring author? Keep a Quartz Crystal Points nearby whenever you are involved in your creative art. Crystal points in your creative workspace can be very beneficial if you find that you are dealing with an artistic block. The stone stimulates and amplifies our creative processes, inspiring us with the light of Spirit so that we can bring into being the beauty that we perceive in our mind’s eye.

Quartz Crystal Points are also wonderful healing tools. Whenever we have a friend or family member who is sick or injured and in the hospital, our first inclination is to give them a bouquet of flowers. Why not give them a Quartz Crystal Points instead? While flowers are lovely and they lift the spirits, they can also trigger allergies, and they eventually wither and die. Many hospitals today ask that we don’t bring flowers to our sick or injured loved ones, because of the issue with allergies. Quartz Crystal Points are a great alternative to bouquets. Crystal Points are a wonderful choice of stones for their healing properties – they can draw out pain, balance the Chakras, and boost the immune system, all of which are a huge benefit to a recovering patient. Quartz Crystal Points also lend a positive dose of energy to those nearby, boosting the spirits and re-energizing the body to speed the healing process. They’re lovely to look at, and they don’t wilt! Likewise, placing Crystal Points in the bedroom will aid in the healing process when we or our loved ones are recuperating at home, whether it be from a major illness or injury, or the common cold or flu. Quartz Crystal Points also lend a beneficial boost of positive energy to medicinal herbs. Simply place a crystal in a dish of herbs for a few minutes before preparing it for consumption. The Quartz Crystal Points will boost the natural healing energies of the herb, helping it to work more efficiently.

Winter is coming, and many of us will be bringing our delicate plants indoors to protect them from the cold weather on the way. We baby our plants, water them, place them on the window sill to catch the light, we feed them, we even talk to them to cajole them into a bright, green, healthy state of being. For some, this is a natural process – their green thumb glows, and the sickest houseplant perks up just by their presence. Others – like me – struggle with our plants. Our brown thumbs seem to act like a club, bludgeoning our poor plants into a state of despondency. Try placing a Quartz Crystal Points in the pot of an ailing plant. Just as with humans, Crystal Points lend a rejuvenating healing energy to plants in distress. With a little patience, proper care, and a Quartz Crystal Points acting as your artificial green thumb – even the sickest plants can be brought around to a healthy state of being!

Periodically, it’s a good idea to cleanse your stones after use, particularly after they have been used for healing, or if the energy in your home has been especially chaotic. Cleansing your crystals is easy. You can simply hold your crystal under running water, or for a more thorough cleansing, rest the stone in a dish of salt water for a few hours, and then smudge the stone with White Sage. That’s all there is to it! Your Quartz Crystal Points is now ready to continue its work!

There are so many uses for Quartz Crystal Points in our lives. They can enhance our homes, boost our energy, and brighten our day. Including them in our homes is a wonderful way to incorporate the magick of these stones into our daily living, surrounding ourselves with a universal energy that is healthful and uplifting.
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