Kambaba Jasper Bear Pendant


Our Kambaba Jasper Bear Pendants are a wonderful way to carry the energy of our totems with us wherever we go! Beautifully carved in a manner that accents and highlights the stone while capturing the essence and spirit of the Bear, these charming pendants make a powerful ritual piece, and are also suitable for journey work where we seek to commune with the essence of Bear. Each pendant measures approximately 1 ¼ inches wide by ¾ of an inch high and includes a cord, which measures approximately 13 inches long. Please note that each pendant may vary slightly in size.

About the Stone: Kambaba Jasper is a soothing stone that lifts the spirits and nurtures the creative mind. Also known as Crocodile Jasper, Kambaba Jasper is a fossilized form of Stromatolite Algae. The flowing green depths of this lovely stone catches the eye and draws us in, encouraging meditation and easing the mind. This makes way for positive growth and allows the creative mind to soar. In the process, Kambaba Jasper restores interest to projects that we’ve set aside, encouraging the discipline necessary to put us back on track. Kambaba Jasper is also a natural connector to Earth’s energies. Because it stimulates growth and awareness, it’s the perfect stone for gardening, herb gathering, as well as connecting with the wilderness around us. Its connection to the Earth also makes Kambaba Jasper a wonderful stone for grounding excessive energy, and it’s particularly useful for aiding us when we seek to connect with our ancestors.

About the Animal: The spirit of the Bear has long been a symbol of personal strength and perseverance. This wonderful creature represents the ability to take a slow and steady approach, which outwardly may appear to be a sign of hesitancy, but in actuality is a calculated method meant to conserve energy and meet a successful end result, making the Spirit of Bear a wonderful representation of a steady leader as well as a grounding force. Bear has a marvelous sense of confidence founded in the ability to weigh options and make sound choices. He knows when to take aggressive action and he also knows when it’s time to retreat to solitude and quiet rest. The spirit of Bear is also well known for the healing of self as well as awakening the ability within to aid in the healing of others.

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