Sodalite Wolf Pendant


Our Sodalite Wolf Pendants are a wonderful way to carry the energy of our totems with us wherever we go! Beautifully carved in a manner that accents and highlights the stone while capturing the essence and spirit of the Wolf, these charming pendants make a powerful ritual piece, and are also suitable for journey work where we seek to commune with the essence of Wolf. Each pendant measures approximately ¾ of an inch wide by 1¼ inches high and includes a cord, which measures approximately 13 inches long. Please note that each pendant may vary slightly in size.

About the Stone: Sodalite is a lovely stone that evokes peace, serenity, and blissful calm. In flowing shades of blue and white, Sodalite has a look and feel much like a gentle ocean wave bathed in the light of a soothing midnight moon. Simply gazing upon the stone or carrying it in your pocket brings an inner peace that calms the mind and makes way for a generous, positive energy. When displayed in the home, Sodalite lends its peaceful essence to all who enter and it balances and calms the energies of the home, neutralizing residual negative energy that isn’t conducive to a positive state of being. Sodalite also has a vibration that lends itself well to the comprehension of truth. This comprehension aids us in our capacity to understand the life that we are living, and grants us the ability to discover how we arrived here in the first place. As we learn to face the truth of a matter with an open mind, we can make the changes necessary to help us on our path to the life we are meant to live. Furthermore, in our comprehension of truth, we can interact better with others, speaking clearly in an honest manner that is beneficial to all. These vibrations of truth, honesty, and communication make Sodalite a great stone to use for balancing and enhancing the Throat chakra. Sodalite also lends itself well to awakening latent creative abilities. Its vibrations of peace and truth grant us the vision to consider our abilities in an objective manner and lend a gentle encouragement when we try our hand at new creative and artistic projects.

About the Animal: The Spirit of Wolf speaks to the soul about following the heart to a freedom of spirit. The noble, stoic nature of Wolf guides us on our life’s journey, leading us to the truth of loyalty and honor, enhancing our perception of the world around us. This aids us in our ability to be true to our nature and live our lives to the fullest. Always a free spirit, Wolf also demonstrates the joys of freedom, following instincts that evoke a passion for living.

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