Nephrite Jade and Howlite Turtle Figurine


Our Nephrite Jade and Howlite Turtle Figurines are a wonderful way to connect with the Spirit of Turtle! Beautifully carved in a manner that accents and highlights the stone while capturing the peace and wisdom of the Turtle, our stone figurines are a fantastic way to introduce totem energy into the home or office. Each figurine measures approximately 2 ½ inches long and 1½ inches wide. Please note that size and weight may vary slightly.

About the Animal: The Spirit of Turtle guides us in our ability to take the steady path to peace and serenity. Taking time for contemplation, Turtle is never in a hurry to reach his destination, taking the slow and steady approach instead. In this way, Turtle never misses an opportunity, and he has the additional blessing of viewing the world with clarity and wisdom.

About the Stone: Nephrite Jade is a luxurious stone with a gentle energy that strengthens the mind and balances the heart. In tones ranging from pale lime to rich forest green, Nephrite Jade lends a gentle connection to the Earth, allowing us to ground ourselves in such a way that we can view circumstances clearly without the hindrances of stubbornness or close mindedness. This healthy balance aids us in making decisions in a timely fashion, and in a manner that is beneficial to all. Nephrite Jade also aids us when we seek emotional balance, easing a troubled heart and soothing disturbing thoughts. This gentle stability makes Nephrite Jade a wonderful choice when working with the Heart Chakra, particularly where emotional blockages are a concern. Want to keep your other stones clear of negative energy? Store them with Nephrite Jade to keep them cleansed and ready for their magickal work. Nephrite Jade is a wonderful stone to include in the magickal toolkit. It has the additional properties of success and protection, and grants its bearer a peaceful sense of well-being.

About the Stone: Natural Howlite is a calming stone that can help to ease stress, balancing our energies so that we are better able to deal with situations that might prove to be frustrating or weigh heavily on the mind. For this reason, Natural Howlite is also an excellent stone for issues dealing with communication. With a soothing effect that allows us to re-group and to take a moment to consider, we are able to articulate in a clear manner, expressing our thoughts in a way that prevents misunderstandings. Natural Howlite is also a great remedy for insomnia, particularly where the cause of sleeplessness involves an overactive mind. Because of its ability to still the mind, inducing a calm state of rest, Natural Howlite can also guide us in astral travel as well as our ability to touch upon our past lives through journey work; with the goal being an ability to learn from our previous experiences, applying those lessons to the life that we are living now. Natural Howlite is an excellent choice when working with the Crown Chakra, gently guiding us in the awakening of a higher state of awareness so that we can better connect with The Divine within.

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