Violet Glass Tarot Box - Om


Everything about this beautiful glass box is truly a work of craftsmanship – from the overall design and the image sandblasted on the lid, to the perfectly-fitting sides and corners, and the mirrored bottom – making this box a lovely addition to any altar, temple, or personal space.

The inside of the box is equipped with a mirrored bottom, which can be quite useful when storing your tarot cards. Simply place the cards in the box along with a small crystal point. The mirror will reflect away any residual negative energy that may have accumulated in the cards during readings, and the crystal point will rejuvenate the deck, filling it with a positive, helpful energy. Measuring 2.5 x 7 x 5 inches, this magnificent glass box is the perfect place to store your tarot cards, runes, stones, herbs, jewelry, or other small sacred treasures. The little rubber feet help to protect your furniture.

About the Color: Violet is often representative of Spirit, the Etheric Realms, Higher Esoteric Learning, Ancient Wisdom, and the Deeper Mysteries of the Cosmos. Violet (purple) is commonly associated with royalty, power & judgment. It is also associated with religious thought, and the Crown Chakra. This color helps us to focus on spiritual centering and meditation, and to expand our consciousness and cosmic awareness.

About the Symbol: The lid features a sandblasted “Om” (or “Aum”) symbol. “Om” is the sound of God, by which our Earth was created. It represents the four divine states of Brahman, a core belief system in both Hinduism and Buddhism. The addition of this symbol enhances the box with the power of creation and the blessings of Divinity, which will empower sacred items stored within the box.

About the Stone(s): The lid is also adorned with six Rainbow Moonstones. With their high spiritual vibrations, these lovely little stones will bring a peaceful harmony to items resting in the box, balancing the energies of tarot cards and other divination tools after they have been used for a reading.

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